The Iranian Heart Foundation
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The Iranian Heart Foundation
In many countries of the world, the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease (CVD) have made great progress. Iran, however, is no exception among the sufferers from such disease. Therefore, this need to prevent and control CVD fostered the idea of establishing the Iranian Heart Foundation (IHF), a nongovernmental organization, to organize and carry out all activities related to CVD prevention and control in an independent scientific foundation.
IHF Scientific Committees
IHF has established a number of scientific committees, in each of which there are many researchers active in the related fields. It should be noted that in the future more councils may be established.
The currentcommittees are:

1. The Scientific Committee of Atherosclerosis, Nutrition and Lipids
2. The Scientific Committee of Rehabilitation
3. The Scientific Committee of CVD in Women
4. The Scientific Committee of Hypertension
5. The Scientific Committee of Tobacco Control.

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